Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Women That Will Have Her Weak at the Knees

If you think that she’s going to be happy with flowers and chocolates every year then you might be disappointed. Yes, they will be perfect Valentine’s gifts for women on the odd occasion, but it will do your relationship wonders if you push the boat out and use a little more imagination every once in a while. Why not start this year with one of our Valentine’s Day gift ideas? We’re not forcing you to follow our ideas, but you might find one or two of them useful, and lift your partners Valentine’s Day to new heights of enjoyment and pleasure.

valentines gifts for herYou might be thinking that Valentine’s Day is just another so called ‘Hallmark holiday’, but you’re actually pretty far from the truth. It is a long standing event that was created many centuries ago and has grown into a day when lovers express their feelings, friends show their affection and you can let a certain someone know how you admire them, even from afar. We agree that the day may have become a little tainted, with retailers making us feel obliged to choose from the wealth of generic and pretty boring gifts on offer. But it doesn’t need to be so.

Valentine’s Day is nonetheless a very sentimental time of the year. There is little enough time for saying how much you love someone, because let’s face it we don’t live in a perfect world. Of course you should spread your love and express your feelings everyday of the year, but there are just so many other things that simply get in the way.

It’s the thought that counts with Valentine’s gifts for women

We’re not referring to the fact that you thought about buying a Valentine’s gift but that you put thought into choosing the right one for her. Your sweetheart will feel like a very special person if you pick gifts that match her personal interests rather than falling back on anything with a red heart on it or a single red rose – how cliche is that idea? Going with one of the generic gift ideas is only going to show her how little thought you put into such a special day.

Gift Ideas for WomenIt’s worthwhile pointing out that an expensive price tag will not guarantee success either. For some relationships it may even be considered inappropriate. If you’re pretty new to the relationship your girlfriend might be a little scared by a gift that cost hundreds of dollars. It could also be a little awkward if a guy splurges on a gift and the girl doesn’t. So take heart, even if you’re in a long term relationship or been married longer than a few years. Sweethearts can be wooed by the simple gifts, as long as they’re thoughtful. If you’re feeling a little gift-challenged this year, or would love to do things a little different take note of the following hints, tips and ideas.

Have an at-home movie night

Send out an invitation and invite her a movie night at home. Lay on some popcorn, hotdogs, candy, soft drinks and of course her all-time favourite movie. You might have to smile sweetly and pretend that you’re enjoying it, because chick-flicks don’t always sit well with you guys. Some of the most popular titles include:

  • Sleepless in Seattle
  • Love Actually
  • An Affair to Remember
  • You’ve Got Mail

If you’re really fortunate one of her favourite movies will be your favourite too, which means the evening won’t be too painful.

Use your own words
There are plenty of generic Valentine’s Day cards you can buy for your beloved, but a simple card that contains words you’ve written yourself will be worth its weight in gold. You might not consider yourself the next Shakespeare when it comes to putting your feelings into words, but that really isn’t a problem. A heartfelt card that includes some of your own handwritten words is all that’s needed to have her weak at the knees.

romantic dinnerEat at home
Restaurants and popular eating places are full of other couples on Valentine’s Day, so this year treat her to a homemade dining experience at home. If you’re culinary talents aren’t up to the challenge you could always order in a takeaway and enjoy a picnic in front of the fire. A great way to start the day would be giving her breakfast in bed. And not quite such a high skill level is required to serve up pancakes and strawberries. Add a few extras such as a freshly brewed cup of coffee and a couple of glasses of champagne and who knows where your efforts will take you.

Make her the heroine
A really unusual Valentine’s gift for women would be a novel that features her as the heroine. There are a few online sites that personalize a romance novel just for your lady. You can choose the storyline, specify whether you’d prefer wild or mild, and her name will feature on almost every page. How cool is that?

A gift that make her feel like a Queen for the day
Many ladies would love the opportunity to be pampered for the day, so treat your lady to a day at your local spa. There will be lots of
different treatments she can enjoy and she’ll soon be feeling on top of the world.

A handyman for the day
Have your heard your favourite female say she’d love to have something romantic in the home? Perhaps she’s mentioned she’d love a love seat in garden or a romantic rose arch. Women can sometimes be quite particular about items and improvements that are made to her home, so you could always offer to help choose something and then offer to install it.

There’s lots of hype that goes hand in glove with the modern idea of Valentine’s Day but don’t put yourself under pressure. The perfect Valentine’s Day gift ideas are out there just waiting for you to go into action. We’ve already mentioned that it’s the thought that counts, not the expense, and this is certainly true for Valentine’s Day. Treat your special Valentine to a day of romance and gifts that come from the heart.