Tips on Choosing Retirement Gifts for Women

Every year there are hoards of mid-60 ladies who are reaching a significant milestone. So it’s highly likely that you know a certain wise and mature lady who is looking at retirement. It could be a co-worker but it could also be your mother, sister or very good friend. What can you do to commemorate such a momentous event? Give them a gift so they can remember all the good times, of course. When you think of retirement gift ideas for women and men, all that comes to mind is the traditional gold watch that employers give to retiring employees, thanking them for all their hard work. But surely there’s got to be something a little more inspiring and thoughtful than that.

retirement gift ideasThe whole idea of retirement has been changing in recent years. No longer does it mean you’re over the hill, and life is over. On the contrary in fact. Many women over the age of sixty now look forward to pursuing new interests, exploring their creative side, starting a new hobby or spending more time with family and friends. Retirement should be seen as a new beginning, another chapter in an interesting and happy life. Hence the need for a new kind of retirement gift for women, because who really wants to be given a gold watch?

So what kind of retirement gift ideas are out there? You need to find something that will be an expression of her individuality and a show of appreciation that has a special meaning.

Meaningful and individual retirement gifts for women

When a female reaches the age of sixty there is little that she really needs for her home. It’s very likely that her shelves are already full with ornaments and trinkets, and there’s little space left on the wall for a meaningful piece of art. When reaching retirement a woman would much prefer an experience rather than something to clutter up her home.

Give her the experience of a lifetime
She’s more likely to be craving new adventures and experiences. So give her a gift that fulfills this need. Why not give her some travel vouchers, a helicopter ride, cooking classes, an ocean cruise or tickets to a wine tasting? Just make sure that it matches her personality and interests. She might even enjoy a weekend retreat, tickets to the theatre or a weekend in a bed and breakfast.

retirement gifts for womenRetirement calls for a spot of pampering
For many women retirement means a new start and the chance to re-invent themselves. A spot of pampering or a complete makeover could be just what she needs. A great retirement gift for women might include a spa voucher or a few hours at the beauty salon for a new hairstyle and a makeover. This particular kind of gift may be better suited for a soon to be retired family member rather than a colleague at work. The lady in question may feel that there is a hidden message – you’re trying to tell her she needs to update her look.

Time for her to look back on some of her good memories
A quick and easy way to recreate fond memories of the time you’ve spent together as work colleagues is with a video or collage. Collect some photographs with the other members of your team and present them to her in a framed picture frame. Alternatively spend some time going round the workplace and gather some personal memories from colleagues that might include funny stories, fond moments and reminiscences. This will be a great way to say ‘thank you’ and good luck for the future.

Make your gift personal
If you’re planning to hold a retirement party this will be good chance to share some old stories and inside jokes. Give everyone the chance to contribute so that nobody feels left out. Perhaps there is someone who can help to create a spoof newspaper with articles that center around some significant dates. You can gather together some quotes from other team members and maybe even her boss would love to contribute.

Give her a retirement gift that is related to new interests
If the retiree is planning to take up a new hobby, such as painting, then this will be the chance to give her some new tools of the trade. Paints, brushes, paper and an easel would be the perfect gifts for her, as they will be something that she can use. You could also book her in for a few lessons in an activity she’s always said she’d love to know more about.

Express your appreciation with the retirement gift ideas for women

gold roseWhen a work colleague, friend or family member is about to retire giving them a gift is a good opportunity to send a message of admiration for the ways she has inspired you personally or professionally. It will also serve to spur her on to future endeavours. Don’t forget that your gift should serve as a reminder that there is much more fun to come, not a way of being sorry because her life is over.

For the theatre enthusiast
If the retiree is a bit of a theatre buff or live-music enthusiast tickets for some upcoming events would be perfect. There may be a series of concerts coming up so buy her tickets for all of them and she can enjoy your gift time and time again. Present your gift to her in something that hides the real gift inside, such as a purse or trinket box.

For the book-worm
With retirement comes the promise of more free-time, which means she’ll have plenty more spare hours to devote to her favourite hobby of reading. There are some classic novels that every women should find the time to read, so scour the bookstores for some of the following:

  • The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry – by Rachel Joyce
  • Noah’s Compass – by Anne Tyler
  • The New Retirement: Revised and Updated: The Ultimate Guide to the Rest of Your Life – by Jan Cullinane and Cathy Fitzgerald
  • Retirement is Fun: A New Chapter – by Brenda Mohammed

These are just a few suggestions, but there are plenty more alternatives if you want to do a search online. Just type in ‘great novels to read when you’re about to retire’ and see what comes up.

Retirement Gifts

If she wants to travel the world
If you know that your fellow worker loves to travel the world, or is looking to spend her retirement visiting all those places she’s been longing to see then give her some travelling essentials. She’ll soon have all the time in the world to discover the wonders of the world so choose gifts that will make her travel more interesting and fun.