Show Your Mom She’s Special with a Mother’s Day Gift

Mum’s can be difficult ladies to buy gifts for, whether it’s their birthday, Christmas or an anniversary. Mother’s Day however, should be pretty simple, because you want a gift that captures your appreciation and clearly shows she’s the most important female in your life. Are you feeling under a little pressure because you’ve got siblings that will be competing in the contest for son or daughter of the year? Try not to think of it as a competition, because every mom knows there are no favourites. We know this isn’t going to be easy because there’s always a bit of sibling rivalry. But don’t let it become the overriding factor in choosing the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

happy mothers dayIf you’ve been silly enough to leave your gift buying till the last-minute don’t panic because there are plenty of suitable options that you can buy online. And unless you’ve picked something that has to come from across the other side of the world, or you live in some remote and out of the way place, your gift can be ordered and delivered in less than a week.

No two mums are alike, pretty obvious really, which means that a wide variety of Mother’s Day gift ideas are required. Let’s share a few of them, and you can decide whether they’ll suit your mum.

Inspiration for your Mother’s Day gifts

Rather than giving your mum a generic Mother’s Day card and gift you’ve picked up on the way home from work, give her a gift that will surprise and delight her. A gift that is unexpected and that suits her interests is bound to be something she loves.

For the mom that loves to cook
There are a whole host of possibilities if your mother is the sort that loves to spend her time creating tasty dishes in the kitchen. Think about the kind of food that she loves to cook, whether it’s Chinese, Mexican or traditional Canadian, or does she prefer baking?

  • Kitchen equipment – Would she appreciate a gift that will spare her from some of the hard work, for example a food mixer or a bread machine? This sort of gift will save her some time and effort and still enable her to produce tasty food.
  • Specialist ingredients – Tasty and exotic spices will give your mom the chance to expand her culinary creativity.

For the mom who loves to keep fit
Does your mom enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle? Is she always up bright and early to take her morning run? Does she enjoy the feeling from an hour of strenuous exercise at the local gym?

  • Fitness equipment – Yoga mats, walking shoes, dumbbells, rowing or cycling machines are all gifts for the health conscious mom that will fit her a treat. If money is a little tight then why not give her a jump rope? Or you could always give her some encouragement with a fitness DVD.
  • Blender – With this kind of gift she’ll be able to stay healthy and enjoy some delicious fruity drinks in the process. If you do some online research you should be able to find the best model to suit your budget. Throw in a bunch of bananas, carrots, apples and a pineapple and she’ll be able to get started straight away.

Mother’s Day GiftFor the mom who is happiest when she’s outdoors
There are plenty of women who are happiest when outside enjoying the Canadian countryside. Why not choose a practical and outdoorsy kind of gift?

  • Hammock – For those days when all she wants to do is relax in the garden, or she could take it with her on her next camping trip.
  • Drinks bottle or canteen – When she’s out hiking giving her a gift that will mean she’s never thirsty. After all it’s important to stay hydrating even when you’re just enjoying a casual stroll.

For the mother who loves her gadgets
Is your mom the kind of lady who has embraced the internet and all it has to offer? Do you always find her searching for things or chatting to her mates via Facebook? Why not send her a video greeting using your smartphone. This is the perfect Mother’s Day gift idea if you’re not going to be with her on such a special day. Make a short film with words of encouragement, a loving message or some footage from her favourite places. Use a video streaming site to upload your pictures and send her the link. Alternatively make a playlist of her favourite tunes to go with your video and she be able to watch it any time she likes.

For the mother who has it all
If your mom already has pretty much everything she needs there are still going to be a few things that she wants. A gift for Mother’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact if you make it yourself it could potentially cost nothing at all.

  • Mother’s Day GiftsPersonalized picture frame – A picture paints a thousand words, isn’t that what many people say? You can actually make your gift say more than simply a thousand words by making a handcrafted frame, or personalizing one that you’ve bought. Find a picture of you and your mom and the gift will be perfect.
  • Send her a note – Not everyone can get home to spend time with their mom on Mother’s Day so send her a note or letter and tell her how much she means to you. Jot down some of things about your mom that you adore, and don’t be afraid if you need to cross some of them off, or be worried about spelling and grammar. You’re going to be writing it all out on some pretty note paper before you send it in the mail.

One last Mother’s Day gift idea that we thought was quite inspiring was the gift of downloadable coupons. She cooks, cleans, cares for the family and possibly even holds down a full-time job, but does she ever get any help or be given the opportunity to offload some of her chores? There are several places you can go online to download some cute coupon templates. Some have ready made ideas or you can personalize your own.

Don’t forget to treat your mom this Mother’s Day, because it’s your chance to show her you care.