The Ultimate Guide on Gift Ideas for Women

The number of special occasions that call for gift ideas for women are numerous, which means that several times a year you’re going to be facing a problem. What to buy for that special lady in your life. Birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and many more, all call for a certain kind of gift. One that is thoughtful, caring, personal, humorous, fun or enjoyable. Or gifts that have all of these qualities rolled into one. While it’s always good to have lots of options, the abundance of online gift sites means that you’re likely to be overwhelmed. Just type ‘great gift ideas for women’ into your search bar and see how many come up. There are so many choices available that things can get a little complicated, especially if you want the gift to be memorable, rather than something generic.

Your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister or any other female acquaintance may tell you that a gift isn’t really important, but you know as well as we do that this isn’t strictly true. You might be lucky enough to be told exactly what kind of gift they’re expecting and then all you need to do is go and find it. But isn’t that a little impersonal? It’ll take all the fun and enjoyment out of receiving the gift if it’s not at least a little bit of a surprise. So why not carry on reading and we’ll help you with the challenge of finding the best gift ideas for women? Over the years all of us here have learned a little about the dark art of gift giving and are more than happy to share our experiences.

What can you do to make a women’s gift great?

Gift for your womenWhen it comes to the best gift ideas for women there are certain things you can do to make your gift more impressive.

Think about all the things they are interested in

Make a list and include all the things that define them as a person, as well as their preferences and interests. Spend, at the very least, five minutes compiling your list, and then try and add a suitable gift for each item in the list. Doesn’t matter if the gift is small or big, but you should try and pick one for all of them. This list is going to come in very handy for all future occasions, and you can even add to it from time to time. Of course you’re not going to be giving all the gifts at once, and by sitting down and brainstorming the problem it’s very likely that you’ll come up with some ideas you’d never have thought of. Whether you choose just one of the gifts, or combine a few of them, the recipient will appreciate how thoughtful and kind you were in your choosing.

Consider what a person needs

This is where you need to be thinking on a more general level. Of course the woman you’re buying the gift for needs something but you need to be thinking more in the broader sense of the word. If your wife is super busy, perhaps she’d love to be able to enjoy more free time. Which means that a gift which enables her to be far more organised will be perfect. There are heaps of cool gift ideas for women that will help her in making life more efficient. You may have a close family member or friend you can go to for some helpful advice. For example, say your wife is turning fifty. She will have friends who are of a similar age and you’re bound to have some female relations. It always helps to get away from a narrow view you may have of a certain person by thinking more generally, and it never hurts to get as much help and advice as possible.

Time to do a little stalking

We mean this in the nicest sense of the word, but if you’re still struggling to think of gift ideas for your wife, or any other special female, you are going to need to do some undercover work. Many females will have a wish list on one of the many many gift sites such as Amazon, or you might want to read back through some of their Facebook posts. You should be able to glean a good idea of the sort of gifts they’ve been longing to receive.

Make your gift personal

There are two roads you can follow when it comes to personalisation. Make the gift personal to the recipient or personalise it from you. Make the gift yourself for the ultimate in personalisation, and by following one of the previous tips the gift will be uber special.

The giving of your gift should be eventful

Guide on Gift Ideas for WomenRather than handing the lady your gift in a brown paper bag or the carrier bag it came in, spice up your packaging with some pretty wrapping paper, ribbons and bows. And if you really want to push the boat out and make the unwrapping just as eventful as the gift itself, why not hide your gift and send your wife or girlfriend on a treasure hunt to find it? There is so much fun and enjoyment to be gained from unwrapping gifts that you’d be silly not to capitalise on the pleasure.

See if you can make them laugh

It’s always good to see a person smile when they open a gift you’ve given, but you could go one step further and find gift ideas for your wife or girlfriend that make her laugh out loud. If she loves carrots then give her a bag that contains several kilos of them. And if it’s a wedge of cash that she’d be interested in give her a pile of out of date or no longer valid bank-notes.

What if they’ve got everything they need?

We think it’s highly unlikely, but for the lady who has everything why not a charitable donation in her name? There are after all, plenty of people in the world today who have nothing. And several charitable causes that would welcome a donation. If she’s an animal lover then how about donating to an animal welfare charity?

That should be enough pointers to set you off in the right direction, but if you’re wondering whether your efforts are worth it, let’s look at why gift giving is has become so important.

Gifts ideas for women – why make the effort?

Giving gifts has become a very important part of our modern society. It could be for someone’s birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Mother’s Day or Valentine. The certain someone could be your wife, girlfriend, sister, mother, aunt, niece or female friend. Regardless of the recipient or the occasion, gifts have an important role to play in the way we interact. So why do we hold gifts so very dear to our hearts?

Do we feel more benevolent and generous than in previous centuries, or do we have more spare income that can be used to make other people happy? When did the idea of giving gifts first begin, and why have they become so significant? We’ll take a walk back in history and you’ll soon come to understand.

gift ideasExchanging of gifts has been taking place since the time of the Old Testament, but we’re going to start our journey in Ancient Rome. Gifts were exchanged during the Roman New Year celebrations and they started off as tokens with symbolic meaning. For example a few branches from a sacred grove or food and precious spices. They also included gifts of fruits and vegetables in honor of the fertility deity Strenia. On the whole the gifts were given voluntarily, but there were many leaders in history who did everything they could to ensure they received the most and the valuable gifts possible at the time.

As Christianity spread across the world, church leaders tried to ban the custom of giving gifts, but were unsuccessful, as it had already become very popular among the masses. So in order to bring the ceremony under their wing they found justification in the Three Wise Men who brought gifts for the baby Jesus, and also the concept that Christ was a gift from God.

Today’s modern practise however, owes more to the Victorian era. They re-invented the idea of giving gifts at Christmas, after ir suffered a downtunr in popularity and marked it as an event that united family’s and gave thanks for good fortune. During the Xmas season hearts would be filled with charity and friendliness and gift giving naturally followed.

Many years later Santa Claus came along. There is no more famous a gift giver than this jolly chap all dressed in red. However. Christmas is not the only time for giving and receiving gifts.

Modern lives have become very full with commitments and responsibilities that there is little time left for spending it with the people you love, which means that many relationships suffer. One way round this problem is by giving the people around you gifts to compensate for the time spent apart. We all have friends and family that we cherish and who we want to keep in our lives. But who has the time to devote to these special people? Some of them you might only see once or twice a year. Some you might only ever get to talk to over the phone, once in a blue moon. So how do you let these people know that you care? By sending them a gift of course. Now it looks pretty obvious.

It’s all to easy to be cynical and complain that occasions such as anniversaries, Valentine’s and Mother’s Day and Christmas have just become a marketing exercise for the retailers. But even you can’t deny the thrill and excitement that comes with opening a surprise gift. Gifts are a way of staying in touch and showing those around you that you really do care.

Cool gift ideas for women come in all shapes and sizes

We hope that we’ve been able to explain the significance of giving gifts to the people you love. We appreciate that it’s not the easiest of tasks, especially when it comes to the women you love. However, things are never as difficult as they seem at first and looking at some of the great gift ideas for women that are available is certainly going to wet your appetite for doing it more.

There are so many different options that there really is something out there for everyone. All tastes, ages, styles and levels of friendship are more than adequately catered for. However, we understand that sometimes all that’s needed is a point in the right direction, which is going to be our aim. Stay tuned because we plan to share lots of helpful advice and look at some of the best gift ideas for women out there.